Unsolicited Raving Reviews


Tuesday 30th May 2023


Honestly, I have followed many famous analysts who have 500k & 300k followers. None of them gave better understanding to the market sentiment than you. You are, as far as I know, the only one in who makes sense, and understands the market so well. I really don't know how to thank [you], because I have learned a lot from you... Alwaleed.


Thanks for the information. On a side note as I told my wife, I would like to just say "Thank You". Not for the stock tips, even though I appreciate them so much but for something that can't be measured in dollars and cents. Unbeknown to you, you have taught me the importance of being discipline(d) in my trading and by extension in my Life. I have watched you demonstrate the discipline to consistently produce a product for us that is now reaching almost "20 years". Most people lack the discipline and patience needed to reach their goals.I just wanted to say to you this morning, continue to do - what you do. :) Thanks. Jace


Hi Eric! Happy New Year! Thanks for doing such a fantastic job! Simply amazing results. Namaste.


Hi Eric, Thank you for your prompt and helpful email. I would like to say that it is a pleasure to join your service. I have enjoyed your youtube videos for some time, and I find it extraordinary that you give so much to the trading community for so little reward. This is truly admirable, and the knowledge you share is way beyond anything that is available. A different league, and totally down to earth. Thank you for all you do. With kind regards, Paul.


GREAT video review today!! Today's review is why I think your service is GREAT! I REALLY appreciate when you do your video alerts when there is a MAJOR market change, more then the normal daily stock picks. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Please, please keep doing your video alerts when there is a market change! Again, thank you! Ameritrader.


Thanks for the quick response. I have learnt a lot from you and your website. Thanks again. chy9686


Dear Muathe, I have been watching and learning from your videos and they had been very helpful and practical... Daniel A.


Just to say many thanks for an outstanding solar sector break out call Eric! Beautiful read. I am a rookie when it comes to trading but thanks mostly to your alert, my account is up about 160% in the last 3 days!!!!! Between solar options and stocks!!! That's just ridiculous. Outstanding job! Keep them coming Eric. Thank you again!!!! dmatrix.


Eric, After reviewing your site etc. I signed up Sunday night and after reading your recommendation on XYZ I entered a position on Monday morning and while the market was down and I lost my other 4 positions when the market hit my stops, XYZ covered my losses and today while the market hit bottom again, I had my best day yet after 4 years of trading because I followed your advice on 2 of your recommendations.You are the man and from here on I shall only move on what you advise, you have a God given talent and I want to thank you for sharing it with us..... R.


Eric, I purchased the, "My Secrets $79.00 package", and it took me about 45 minutes to realize and acknowledge the voids and holes in my past investment practice that have held me back from achieving my financial objectives. I am vaguely familiar with the RSI and MACD tools but I had no idea how important they were in detecting blow outs or opportunities for shorting. What I was most impressed with was your ability to make studying your secrets interesting because you support your secrets with so many illustrations that are easy to understand. Day by day I am getting more involved in aligning myself to your site and I do have some questions I will be emailing to you soon, I hope you do not mind. By the way, if you post this email, I do have two words to pass along to your other subscribers.......BUY IT.......Grateful I remain....R


Eric, I really hit your "secrets" this past weekend and got tired of watching XYZ going up so I jumped on it this morning and with a minus (-ve) 345 market it went up 9.00 dollars. We members are going to get together and hire some armed guards to watch over you to make sure nothing happens to you, "Kidding". GREAT CALL, your word is almost gospel in this house....THX Oh, could you please put my name on that email I sent you in yellow, Ron C. would be fine, I show off your site to my friends when they come over....thx


You are the best website I have found. I'm 66, retired, and trying to support my wife's travel lust with gains in the market. Thanks so much for helping her get out there! Bought smn & skf plus shorted FNM at your suggestion. May the deity of your choice shower you with blessings.


"By the way, I've sent a few peers to your site. Your DSTI recommendation has been a great winner for me and I have you to thank!!" Michael Wechsler, USA


You do wonderful work for your subscribers… they ought to love you!! Dody M.


 "CHEERS for outstanding recommendations on your break outs. I have paid for my membership 10 times over at minimum, earning a substantial amount with MNTA, RADS, MPET, BDCO, FORD and PRLS. Pretty much from the time I joined late March. I would recommend your services to anyone who would listen. And for lack of better words, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart." Shitaye Gebeyehu, USA


"As a professional investor (hedge fund manager) I find your work very insightful. Your work is an asset to all of those who specialize in stock picks....I really wish you the best of luck with your web-site. It is very obvious you have a passion for your craft .....either way, the Muathe B/O is as important a finding to technical research and pinpointing major winners as is some of the best authorities on the subject (W. Oneil for example).......what you have done ,you should be very proud of." Stephen


"Thanks for the heads up on XXXX. I made $4200 on it today. Not bad for a 6 hour turnaround." Terry B.


"Let me say I'm new to this web site and I am now addicted to the site... Thanks." Bryan


"I love the live chat feature and email alerts. Thank you... I'm impressed so far with the picks by the way they look on my charts. I love those momentum and breakout stocks and never really knew of a good way to scan for them, so I think your service is going to suit me just fine!" Starla


"I bought in at $14...have already realized a 25% gain. Not bad for two days. I hope you like wine because you keep this up and I've got a nice bottle of 1999 Cabernet with your name written all over it!!!"
Steve N.


"I am enjoying the alert on breakouts. Keep them coming..."


"I appreciate your returning my call last week and answering my questions. I have gone over your site thoroughly and am very impressed. Your strategy trading site is something new and very informative.Thanks." Charles


"I joined Muathe.com a couple of weeks ago and have bought a couple of breakout stocks you alerted me to buy. The stocks are heading in the right direction and I am very happy." Sik, Brooklyn


"I'm a new Stock investor...I would say I'm very very green when it comes to the world of stocks but I'm very enthusiastic and want to learn as much as possible. I came across your site as a result of some very encouraging comments made on a yahoo message board by a fan and thought I'd give it a try. Well today I bought a Solar energy stock that you recommended yesterday and it soared 31% today. So I will say that I have to faith in your site!!!!!" Mike


"Thanks for the tip on this one. I bought 2,000 shares yesterday and it's up 20% today. Nice and easy $500 in the bank. When I open a bottle of nice wine this evening I'll be sure to toast you!" Steve


"I must say that I have been watching your picks, and others picks , such as StockPickReport.Com , MoneyMarket.com, ect. and YOU have been TOP DOG in the stock pick circle. Thanks for the wins!!!" David


"I am indebted to you for your patience and your response to my questions so effectively and so quickly. And instead of just words thanking you, here is one more idea for you. An idea came to my mind, which may probably help you. Your service is truly exceptional. I am sure many subscribers have profited a lot from your picks. So, why don’t you set a 'Make donations' or 'Tip Muathe.com' in your website? Basically you will need to set up a Paypal account (www.paypal.com), and register with Paypal. Once you do so, your subscribers can give additional tips & donations to you through Paypal.com, when and if they feel so. It will be totally voluntary, but in addition to the cheap mandatory subscription each one pays for your service. I am sure it will work, and will find you much more remunerations for your inspiring service. And once I go a little more into the green, I will be among the first to tip you generously. Sincere thanks." SB


"Thanks for the response and the recommendation ... The profit has paid more than your membership fee in one day!" Keith, New York.


"I have spent 2-3 years trying to master IBD's system. Have had acquaintance with WizeTrade, GorillaTrade and am signed up with IBD and Muathe.com. I believe that 2 or more heads are better than one on checking emotions and finding good stocks." R Penner.


"Sending (this email) from Dubai of all places! - English Captain of an Arab's private yacht for my sins! Just wanted to say just joined you, and very impressed with your advice and help - thank you for doing a great job, best wishes!" David


"I must admit that I believe this is the first time I've written to praise an organization. I subscribed to your service last week and initially felt lukewarm about its contents. My first thought that it was worth the money, but the content was so-so. I tried to log on to the message boards, but it wasn't clear to me how to access them. I fuddled around with it for a minute or two and exited the site.


Well, today, I decided to spend a couple of hours browsing through your site. Actually, there are quite a few pages that I haven't read yet. Well, I again visited the message board and was able to finally access it. I was astounded by the content. I typically research on average about 200 stocks for every one that I seriously consider purchasing. I spend about 50 hours a week researching which may result in finding 5 or so stocks I would consider future winners.


My pickiness and "gut feeling" for certain stocks has served me very well as I have been lucky enough to turn an initial investment of $34,000 in late 2002 into 7 figures today. Anyway, in the hour or so I spent on your message board, I was able to find about 10 stocks or so that I would seriously consider putting money in.


Again, I must say that I was very impressed with the board's picks as well as the way in which they were presented. I very much look forward to actively participating in your quest to uncover the next big winners. With a disciplined approach, I believe it is "easy" to trounce the market on a consistent basis. I'll see you online next week. Thanks again for providing such a great service." Jesse, Atlanta Georgia USA [Subscriber]


Your service has been great! I just sold *VA for $4700 profit. I have profited over $16,000 with your service in just three weeks!” Terry B


"I have been a member to muathe.com for the last couple of months and I am proud to say that my investing style and gains have improved dramatically. I now cut losses if things go wrong, which has cost me dearly in the past. Capital preservation is the first step to successful investing. I have learned immensely from the various weekly articles posted and this is evident in my bottom line. MUATHE .COM is a site that produces results $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. PERIOD." JM


"Just posting to say how pleased I am with the muathe service. I believe the stocks contained in this list are simply the best and most timely ideas available at any one time on the whole stock market! If any stock loses its momentum or isn’t acting right they are simply replaced at the end of the week. It is obvious the amount of work that is put into the list to make it perfect. For day traders (like myself) I believe this list is the best source of ideas that you can come across. A lot of day traders refer to lists such as the IBD 100 for ideas but the IBD 100 is a computer generated list with stocks that have certain traits, they can be in bases, have little to no momentum or be slow movers as they are not hand picked by eye.
I have been able to access this material for around 2 months and any winning trade I will always expect a 10-40%+ gain over 2-5 days as a lot of these stocks have tremendous momentum if you can catch them at the right time. As an example this week I made 35% in one day (SNSTA) and 10% in 2 days (FRD) adding 25% to my portfolio in one week.
Sorry if this seems like a plug I’m just trying to relay my experience as I am so pleased with the service!" Russel, England


"This is the best [stock picking website] I have seen…" Raymond


"19% and 40% gains respectively within hours (2 to 3 perhaps). I am learning how to execute these things. A few painful experiences but worth every pain for the knowledge I have gained and the calmness I have mastered. It's CHEERS all around" Shitaye Gebeyehu, USA


"Thank you for all your recommendations …the odds are with your system …" John


"Thank you for following up and for being sincere, … you can be assured I will pass your company name on to [my] friends." Gary


"Muathe.com Wow, is all I can say for the picks that have been making me money every week. As a first time novice trader you took all the guesswork out of what otherwise would have been too intimidating for me to even try. Thanks!" Laura


"You are offering the best service so far. I can tell you that I'm confident with your picks. My portfolio was in trouble until I started using your service and I'm thankful that your picks have really worked for me and I can have a sigh of relief. Some recent quick gains have put me back into position. Keep up the good work." Chris


"You guys at Muathe.com are doing a great job, keep up the good work. I have been using your service for a while, ever since the breakout alerts were offered for free. Now as premium subscriber my gains have tremendously increased over the years. I get great gains in two to three days and as a day trader this is good because I have my initial capital plus profits at the end of the week." Michael GO Muathe.com, GO CHIEFS


"I am excited about the service and I am busy integrating it with my own stuff. Thanks again." John


"I am gonna enjoy this ride....untilI I see a loss of gains on high volume... feeling real good at +65% in less than a week… already 12% on PRFT....THIS DOG'S DAY." Joseph


"Thank you for responding to my email. I need assistance, I need assurance, I need a new house, and early retirement. I found your recommendations interesting, … I found your company through a yahoo message board, I can't remember which- but like all investors, I get overwhelmed with websites and companies that claim to have the knows, but what about the sell alerts? Not doubting you a bit, I am sure you have proven yourself quite sufficiently. How may I enlist your assistance? I am surprised to have a response so quickly, it almost felt live." Amanda


"By the way, I am just terribly happy with the service your provide and intend to stay a long term subscriber. I have done so well one after the other with XXXX, XXXX, XXXX and today XXXX. Hope I am not jinxing my good fortune but would like to wish all Muathe participants the same." Shitaye


"Right now, based on two days worth, I have found at least two trading ideas that may have great potential - - *** and **** - - and one that although I am quite familiar with - **** - I would have missed its breakout anyway, … I value your attention to my satisfaction. It is a hellava smart way to do business." Ken


"I had a trial subscription and now [as a happy subscriber I have to say that ] your picks are good over time. I have been a day trader for over 10 years …" Stewart


"By the way, I have been watching your picks over the short term and have made some money already on them. I have been receiving your picks daily and have been very IMPRESSED with the results." Mark


By The Way GREAT SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike


"I didn't know you had a pick of the week? Did it have to be SIRI? Do I feel dumber than dumn. SIRI would have been the jet fuel I needed for the rest of my life. I REALLY like weekly picks. SIRI pick of the week ...that burns!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Flames


"Thank you very much for the outstanding analysis of my stocks. I am looking forward to hearing your FREE expert opinion on my stock holdings. Thanks for the advice." Ching


"I have been following your advice for several years, …with early picks like HDWR and COCO. I think you have a great service, …I admire your service …thank you and wish you the very best of luck." Al


"May I prepay … I think your updates are great." Rocko


"I like your service …I definitely know many people who might be interested in a service like yours." Mohit


"First, I like how the site looks. My big thing is I like to be able to view track records. I was able to see how well you have done and I can see you are very, very good. I may have told you before my goal is 5-7% per week and compound everything so my thinking may be very different than others. From what I have seen in the short run it seems very doable. Thanks." Mark


"By the way, I have developed a synthetic portfolio to track the performance of your recommendations, and 14 of the 16 stocks in the synthetic portfolio are in the black with an average gain of 41%. This is tremendous stuff …, keep up the good work - it may take time, but I believe you guys will get there." Antony


"Great picks by the way. I am very happy with this service." Grant


"Please keep up the great work. I like your service and I have recommended your services to several of my friends, employees and relatives. I also taught them all the technical breakouts theories by using your learning material on the WEB site. Great stuff." Ching


"You have a terrific website. Thanks for such a awesome service!!" Eapen SB


Thanks for your nice response. I’m already up on XXXX. Great site..and brilliant work.” Tom B.


"I'm really impressed with the number of alerts and the personal correspondence you give. I use one other professional trader [service] and the price is over 10x greater than yours. Don't know how you can do this type of service for the price and I guess I don't want to know." Clair, Oxford, New York, England [Subscriber]


"Your picks and knowledge of trading is truly amazing. Keep the wonderful alerts coming…." P. Berry


"I am _really_ impressed with the MUATHE.COM website. It’s deep and well put together. ... there’s a lot there, AND I’m very impressed!!" Weneger


"Hi Eric, Your accuracy in market reading is unbelievable. I have been reading other blogs and nothing comes close to your calls. Patterns like 'head and shoulders' simply doesn't hold against your RSI reading. I really hope you can do this work forever. You are simply the best. ;) Yours sincerely," Benjamin


"Love your service and videos! I am now beginning to trust your calls and picked up $800 yesterday on the SRS/VNO call. Been trading for about a year with little success but now beginning to get on track with your help. Thanks very much" Dave


"Eric, I followed your tips on the shorts and short etf's and today my payday was 11k, my best yet. In October 2007 I lost 40k in options without stops or an exit strategy, stupid mistake but that's the best way to learn. This 11k gain today also put a lid on my losses of over a year ago, so please excuse me while I go celebrate......" Ron


"I have been tracking you guys for a year now. I could have made some big bucks following your breakouts. Unfortunately, I guess I had not much faith in you. Well, I have decided that I can't beat you so I might as well join you." CB


Please note that all testimonials are genuine and represent just a sample of many endorsements we have received through original letters / emails / text messages over the years. We encourage you to send us your success stories too. Testimonials have not been checked for accuracy, nor have we verified the claims made. These are from some of our best clients one can assume. Trading involves a high level of risk and you could lose money. If you have any questions please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us during market hours at: 1-913-980-7286.


The word-of mouth-growth of Muathe.com SINCE 2002 is a testimony to the value of the information provided by our research. Anyone can set up a website on the Internet or start an email newsletter. The Internet provides an arena of pure capitalism in which the barriers of entry are minimal. Competition is everywhere. In order to be one of the top Internet sites with nothing but a shoe-string advertising budget you have to be the best. You have to create an army of happy customers.


People are making money here. YOU should be one of them.



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