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[Muathe.com Subscriber - As Appeared On His Blog]

You’re probably wondering why a computer geek is writing about a stock picking service. That’s a fair question. Ever since the early 90s when the Internet first became popular to the masses it has been host to a plethora of financial outlets. From the financial information stalwarts like the Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily who have used the Internet to further their readership to hundreds of other companies who have thrived in the new Internet age like marketwatch.com, zacks.com, etrade.com and fool.com.

With so many voices all saying something different the question becomes who should a wise investor listen too? It has always been my conviction that to succeed at anything you have to find someone who’s successful and just follow them. And after having lost a sizable chunk of money in the tech bubble and subsequent crash in the early 90s I resolved to never make that mistake again.

For several years I subscribed to financial newsletters and was really excited when I found there was a company that actually tracked and reported the performance of nearly 200 investment newsletters. That company is Hulbert Financial Digest and an online version can be purchased from Marketwatch.com for $99 per year. I've been a member of Hulbert’s online service on a couple different occasions and have gone on to purchase some of the higher performing newsletters. But even with some of the best stock pickers supposedly on the planet my returns have always been okay but not great.

After having said all that, in late 2008 when the markets were sputtering I stumbled on a web based stock picking service that has far surpassed any investment advice I've seen anywhere. Eric Muathe from Muathe.com is a man passionate about the markets and stocks and thanks to him and his extraordinary stock picking ability I've doubled $7,000 since January 2009 making about 10 trades per month.

How does he do it? Eric Muathe has a science background and bases his stock picking soley on technical analysis as opposed to fundamental analysis. In other words he takes a scientific approach to the stock market and is obsessed with stock charts.

I can already hear some of you asking, if Eric Muathe uses technical analysis why shouldn’t I just listen to some other technical analyst or buy a software program and crunch my own numbers? Eric admits to having studied thousands of charts and after following his advice for several months in an up and down market all I can say is that Eric has an unbelievably accurate ability to predict which direction the market is heading.

Eric believes that the general market direction accounts for about 75% of a stock’s price move and anyone with a 401k knows that when the stock market is rising they make money but when it’s down, so is their life savings. Think about this, where would your 401k be if you had sold In October of 2008 and bought again in March of 2009?

Eric correctly warned his members about an impending crash two weeks prior to the 2008 crash. Since I've been following every update in 2009 Eric has been accurate in predicting every major turn in market direction.

Eric will be the first to admit that the market decides its direction and nobody can know for sure which way it’s going. But from what I’ve seen Eric’s market direction timing may be off by a few days at times but by some extraordinary talent he has shown time and time again that his method of determining market direction is far superior to anything else out there. It’s become almost comical to hear Eric say that the market is going to trend up when everyone else is saying it’s going to go down; and then it goes up. Then just when everyone else is saying the market is going to keep going up, Eric says it’s going to go down; and it does!

Eric’s approach to providing a stock picking service is different than anything I've ever seen. Eric records videos usually three or four times a week for his members. These videos available online can range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes and heshows us exactly what he’s seeing in the charts. In the videos he’ll also give stock picks and let us know where he sees the market heading. Eric’s service would be well worth the yearly subscription price just for his videos but he also uses the Twitter service to give updates throughout the day which anyone can access at www.twitter.com/muathe and there are premium tweets for paying members. He also sends emails and text messages to his members. This is a far cry from most services that I've paid the same amount or more for that only update their members once or twice a month.

I wrote this article because I believe that anyone who uses the internet and has money invested in the stock market owe it to themselves to at least see where Eric Muathe is saying the market is heading next. Do yourself a favor and check out Muathe.com. I’m sure glad I did!


































































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