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Thursday 28th Oct 2021



PLEASE NOTE: I am currently not accepting new one-on-one coaching clients as I have chosen to concentrate on Locating Explosive Momentum Stocks/ETFs, BEFORE THEY MOVE! Coaching Spots Are Currently Unavailable!!! Feel free to contact me to discuss/reserve a future spot when one becomes available in the future.

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Hi... Let me introduce you to my one-on-one coaching program.

This is where I teach you all I know - you have full access to me. I will share even things that I have yet to mention on the more than 3,000+ educational videos I have on YouTube.

For many years I have privately coached, and continue coaching motivated individuals from around the world, including institutional / hedge-fund money managers.

I now choose to only handle a couple of coaching clients a year - about one to three clients a year - due to the amount of time, attention, and energy it takes to coach each unique individual. The idea here is to dramatically improve your timing, and basically open your eyes to things that you've not been able to see until now - with the obvious lifetime goal of boosting your profits.

We will also build a personal relationship based on trust, and high expectations.

I don't have a fixed program since everyone's needs, goals, and expectations are very unique.

In other words tell me what you what you are looking to achieve from the coaching, and I can see if you can benefit from my coaching program. I turn down many people if I feel that I can't help change their mentality, or if I sense that I don't resonate well with them for some reason. Remember you are taping on to a great source of wealth here. The return on investment is timeless, endless, and unlike seminars where people pay 1000's to sit in a room full of people I will make it as personal, and flexible as it can get. I always work around my clients schedule, so time/availability should not be an issue.

I'm very much in demand, and as such I'm very busy, which means that I only take on may be - SELECTIVELY, one to three clients at any given time. It is not unusual for clients that I have already agreed to work with to have to wait for many months before a new coaching spot opens up.

I now charge only $7,500* for two (2) months of intensive one-on-one coaching.

*Paid subscribers to the premium service pay only $7500 $5,000 (33% OFF for a limited time).

Companies, institutional traders, trading clubs and groups should contact me for institutional/group coaching pricing, and/or also for giving periodic exclusive technical analysis seminars.

If you are interested, and would like to discuss your situation, goals and to see if we can work together email me at " This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. " , or better yet give me a call at +1 (800) 603-3824 or outside U.S. +1 (913) 980-7286. Remember I only handle one to three SELECTED clients at a time so "first come, first serve" will operate here.

I know without any shade of doubt that I will help you accelerate your learning curve, and reveal opportunities that remain hidden to most traders/investors!

Stock picking is like mastering any craft - one needs to immerse themselves in study, and practice while also learning from those who have the necessary experience. It is my job to help you master the simple rules I discovered years ago, rules that continue to be on the cutting edge of how to own powerful stocks and ETF's (or, any other trading instrument for that matter) just as they begin to move. I will show you how to identify - lifetime - money making opportunities in under 60 days - if that! Once you know what great trading instruments look like you will not need to learn anything else.

The cost for the Mentorship program should not hinder you from mastering the art of timing monster stock market moves if you are serious about making money in the stock market.

Here are unsolicited testimonials from my recent coaching clients:











I will also monitor your portfolio and suggest changes where applicable.

Contact me now to reserve the next open spot since I am usually fully booked. First come, first serve!

Invest in your powerful mind today! Knowledge is a wise investment! Knowledge empowers you!

★☆★ Question #1: Why should you continue losing money??? ★☆★

★☆★ Question #2: Why should you continue missing out on countless opportunities??? ★☆★

Peace & Blessings!

Eric Muathe.